Welcome to the AAISA’s Toolkit – an information hub for newcomer-serving agencies in Alberta!


Alberta Service Map is a unique tool designed for the settlement serving agencies in Alberta. This interactive map lays out services and programs  that the settlement agencies and other community partner organization provide to newcomers across the province. Explore the categories below and click on the map to find the service near you!

Réseau de services élargi

Education/ Éducation

Health/ Santé


Library/ Bibliothèque

Housing/ Logement

Education/ Éducation

Legal/ Légal




Newcomers: Categories of Classification

Explore the various streams that newcomers may have followed when entering Canada.

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Access to Services

Learn about the services available to newcomers in Alberta and gain understanding of barriers to access.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Find out how your organization can support and integrate diversity and inclusion on a multitude of levels.

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Capacity Building

Explore a vast array of resources that are designed to strengthen the capacity of newcomer-serving agencies.

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Settlement Terms and Definitions

Get familiar with the many of the terms, definitions, and acronyms frequently used in the settlement discourse.

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