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Please note that AAISA’s office is currently closed due to COVID-19 and staff are working remotely. Staff will be checking their emails regularly, but not voicemails. If you don’t know the email address of the staff member you’d like to get in touch with, please email

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GlobalFest Human Rights Forum: Breaking the Cycle 2.0

he Human Rights Forum, presented by UNACanada-Calgary Branch, has been offered since 2007 as part of GlobalFest’s programming to promote diversity, cross cultural respect, and equality in our community. Our annual Human Rights Forum topics are structured around the UNESCO’s Coalition of Municipalities against Racism and Discrimination.

Recognized as an excellent platform for sharing experiences, knowledge, and practical solutions necessary to address issues of racism and discrimination, the Human Rights Forum presented by UNAC Calgary encourages systemic change across the Canadian community in a positive and safe environment.

2020 heralded incredible change on a global scale, from the outbreak of the pandemic to the largest civil rights movement in living memory. This year’s forum, originally scheduled for Calgary’s New Central Library in May, will instead take place online over five days in October. The incredible cast of speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

Breaking the Cycle 2.0

Noon-1pm, plus question time.

Tuesday 13 October: Becoming an Ally
Wednesday 14 October: Diversifying Organisational Leadership
Thursday 15 October: Institutional Change
Friday 16 October: Indigenous Racism in Alberta

10am-11am, plus question time.

Saturday 17 October: Raising Anti-Racist Kids

Registration: Free.

IEPs & The Labour Market

Every Monday from July 13, 2020 – December 21, 2020, 1PM – 2:30PM MST.

Do you help Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) find employment in Alberta? If so, these free online drop-in sessions are for you!

These drop-in sessions will explore how job search counsellors can help IEPs tackle the labour market and identify their specializations and accomplishments.

In each of these sessions, participants will be presented with a case study and then split into groups. They will be asked to discuss and consider some questions, such as: What is the main obstacle this IEP is facing? What job search strategy would you recommend to this IEP? What changes would you recommend they make to their resume? The groups will then be asked to presented their findings and discuss ideas and strategies with the greater group.

This ongoing series will cover a wide range of professions, and each session will feature a different case study. While we recommend attending all sessions, it is not mandatory to do so. Participants may pick and choose which sessions they would like to register for.

A recording from last week’s session can be found here.

Important note:

The next session is on Monday, August 24th, 2020 at 1:00 PM MDT.

The topic will be a conversation with Deidre Lake, the Executive Director of AIMGA (Association of International Medical Graduates of Alberta) about the specific challenges that internationally-trained health care professionals face in general. During this conversation, we will explore:

  • How the experience of IMGs in Canada compares with the experience of other internationally-trained health care professionals In Canada
  • What the employment prospects are for IMGs and for other internationally-trained health care professionals
  • What personal characteristics IMGs need to have in order to be able to practise medicine in Canada
  • What alternative professions IMGs can get into if they cannot practise medicine in Canada

Please view the following videos Prior to the session.