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Canadian Centre for Victim’s of Torture – National Trauma-Informed Care Project

You are invited to participate in the Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture (CCVT)’s Train the Trainer: National Trauma-Informed Care Project. Having delivered this training in Ontario, we are now extending our invitation to target settlement organizations, sponsorship agreement holders, and institutions throughout Canada.



The project’s purpose is to develop national tools and manuals and provide professional training for those working with survivors of torture, genocide, and crimes against humanity. This will help all of us share our expertise and develop best practices that we can all use in our agencies. Your participation and feedback are valuable to this project.  

The input you give and the experiences you share will be used to re-evaluate the tools, manuals, and professional training that we all have developed. This training will launch across Canada starting Thursday, October 13th, 2022 @ 1PM-4PM EST and will run every second Thursday of every month for a total of 5 training sessions, ending on Thursday, February 9th, 2023@ 1PM-4PM EST. The training will be delivered in English; however, French interpreters will be available.

To ensure everyone has an opportunity to participate, each organization can register a maximum of 2 participants and 2 waiting lists. We invite you or your senior manager to complete and send back the registration form. The registration will be free of charge. We would hope to have your response by Tuesday, August 31th, 2022.

What Lies Beneath- Psychosocial Needs of Refugees

AAISA is conducting a 2-hour introductory session on “What Lies Beneath: Psychosocial Health Needs of Refugees

Have you ever wondered why your client continues to complain of stomach pain and headaches even though their doctor says nothing is wrong? Or why small challenges seem to anger or overwhelm them? Join us for a two-hour introductory session to the psychosocial health needs of refugees to start finding the answers.  This workshop is intended to assist you in your practice when working with refugee clients. The course will provide an overview of refugee health in Alberta and Canada while explore what psychosocial health needs are and their importance. Additionally, it will assist your clients in meeting those needs and incorporate the new knowledge into your work.

Register- What Lies Beneath: The Psychosocial Health Needs of Refugees (

AAISA – Psychosocial Needs of Refugees-2hour session