In the 2019-2020 PEI term, refugee claimants were identified as a key provincial priority. Over the course of the participation term, AAISA received feedback across the PEI committees to garner a better understanding of the unique challenges, gaps, and needs experienced by agencies across the province when serving refugee claimants. In particular, PEI participants highlighted the legal needs of refugee claimants as a particular challenge.

In response to this feedback from the PEI committees, AAISA staff launched a project aimed at better understanding and communicating existing legal and settlement supports that are available to refugee claimants. AAISA staff scoped out the available supports for refugee claimants, connected with legal organizations, and interviewed agencies who work closely refugee claimants. From these engagement activities, AAISA has created the following resources:

Legal Resources in Alberta Infographic: This infographic highlights the organizations who provide legal services and some of the eligibility criteria for accessing these resources.

Legal Resources in Alberta Small CentresRessources Juridiques dans les Centres Petits de l’Alberta

Legal Resources in Alberta Urban CentresRessources Juridiques dans les Centres Urbains de l’Alberta

Refugee Claimants Infographic: Part of the challenge of providing assistance to refugee claimants is understanding their unique circumstance and ineligibility for many services. This infographic describes the differences between refugee claimants and refugees, and highlights what services refugee claimants are eligible.

Refugee Claimant Resources / Ressources pour les Demandeurs d’Asile

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