Who are we?

The Alberta Association of Immigrant Serving Agencies (AAISA) is a non-profit umbrella organization representing agencies that provide resettlement, settlement, and integration services to newcomers in the province of Alberta. Since 1980, we have been working to build the sector’s capacity to better serve newcomers by fostering collaboration, professionalization, and member-driven research and policy work. 

Why the Toolkit?

AAISA has developed a toolkit to address the needs of agencies supporting newcomers in Alberta. The Toolkit is based on a framework that was initially informed by consultations with members of AAISA’s Small Centre Engagement Strategy through various means such as site visits, teleconferences, as well as a survey. Such activities indicated that there is a lack of resources, trainings, and supports available in small centres and a toolkit could address some of these gaps and help to better serve clients.

Amidst the unique realities in which settlement agencies operate, AAISA has decided to expand the scope of resources and innovative approaches to the small and urban centres inclusively.  

How to use the Toolkit?

Toolkit contains a wealth of resources and tools that are tailored to support and celebrate the unique context of settlement and integration across Alberta. From the Alberta Service Map to the resources on collaboration and capacity building, we hope that the frequently updated resources and tools in the Toolkit prove useful to your work. 

Navigating through the Toolkit is simple and fun. Whether you want to find out the most recent statistics on the settlement sector in Alberta, learn about the gaps and challenges that the newcomers are facing or find out many innovative solutions to address those issues, The Toolkit allows you to seek the most relevant resources and help you make well informed decisions. 

As this hub will continue to develop and evolve over time, we greatly appreciate referrals to relevant information. If you have any that you would like to share, please email communications@aaisa.ca.