Through this section of the Toolkit, you can explore many resources that strengthen the capacity of the settlement agencies in Alberta, the communities they serve, and those that serve as potential partners and collaborators beyond the settlement sector.


Innovative Practices and Stories of Impact

Learn about the innovative practices and stories of impact from across the settlement sector in Alberta. Find out how agencies are overcoming the pressing issues that the newcomers are facing when looking for employment, education opportunities, language programs, and various community supports.


How SISA Is Helping Refugees In Medicine Hat

SISA has been assisting newcomers in Medicine Hat for impressive 32 years in all aspects of settlement – from full-time language instruction classes and employment supports, to having support workers in the school system for newcomer families.

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Settlement Agencies In Alberta Blazing the Trail for LGBTQ+ Newcomers

Newcomer serving agencies and their community partners have been providing customized programs and services to help integration and settlement of LGBTQ+ newcomers in Alberta.

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Small Centre Agencies Removing Barriers For Low Literacy Newcomers

The agencies in a few of Alberta’s small centres that offer language programs for low literacy newcomers have risen to the challenge of the pandemic and continued to find innovative ways to support low literacy newcomers.

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Public Awareness on Immigration, Settlement, and Integration

Learn how your agency can raise public awareness on settlement and integration at the organizational level, as well as at a broader community level. The organization level of this section examines how an organization can build public awareness and a stronger public relations presence through the mobilization of social media, increased external communication, and better media relations. On a community level, this section of the toolkit provides resources that seek to build stronger social narratives and discourse surrounding newcomers and their value and contributions to society.


Learn how an organization can build Public Awareness through stronger public relations presence



Explore sources that seek to build stronger social narratives and discourse surrounding newcomers and their value and contribution to society


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Relationship Building with Various Levels of Government

Collaborative engagement or partnerships with other not-for-profit sectors, as well as strengthening government relations, is a proactive and critical approach that is to the benefit of any not-for-profit organization. Explore many resources that offer frameworks and strategies to develop relationships with the government and to foster cross-sector partnerships. 


Building Partnerships with Government

Learn about reasons, frameworks, and steps to develop relationships with governement and cross-sector partnerships.
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Process of Municipal Governments

Learn about the structure and processes of municipal governments in centres across Alberta.
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Process of Provincial Governments

Learn about the structure and processes of provincial governments across Canada.
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Process of the Federal Government

Learn about the structure and processes of the federal government in Canada.
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