2SLGBTQ+ Inclusion Resource Resources

Teaching Resources

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace - Videos (AWES)

This playlist includes videos introducing diversity and inclusion topics, designed for newcomers to Canada. Of particular relevance to 2SLGBTQ+ inclusion are Workplace Respect, Human Rights, Gender and Respect, and Gender Answers to the Questions You Didn't Want to Ask.

Diversity & Inclusion Materials for English as an Additional Language classes

This resource, made possible by the Government of Alberta, is for instructors teaching Canadian Language Benchmarks 2-6. Topics related to LGBTQ2S+, ability/disability, anti-racism, workplace diversity, age, intersectionality etc. can be found here. All of the lessons can be adapted for learning across multiple layers of diversity. All the content can be downloaded and edited as you see fit for your class. We hope you find the content a useful addition to the materials you use in your classrooms. Thank for making Alberta more inclusive.

LGBT Curriculum Resources

To enhance learning by creating a safe and inclusive classroom where all students feel they belong.

Research, Webinars, Best Practices, and Programs

Settlement Challenges of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Immigrants and Refugees; Issue 18

In July 2005, Canada became the fourth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. Canada is generally considered to be a “safe” country for sexual minority groups, however the needs of LGBT immigrants and refugees are often overlooked. This issue of Migration Matters reviewed the common settlement barriers and services available for these groups.

LGBTQ+ Newcomers Program

This service is oriented toward landed immigrants and permanent residents. LGBTQ+ immigrants may feel a sense of isolation and do not have social networks to help set them up in a new city when coming to Canada. Sometimes, LGBTQ+ people are fleeing extreme levels of persecution, have often experienced traumatic situations, and have virtually no one in Canada that they can be open with about their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Best Practices 2021 - 2SLGBTQ+ Inclusion in TESL

Click on a best practice for indicators that clarify how to meet the best practice. Technical terms have been glossed for your convenience; hold your cursor over the gloss to see a definition.

ATESL Best Practices - References and PD Opportunities List

This section includes resources that informed the best practices and resources (academic articles, websites, videos, tutorials, courses, etc.) for professional development and further learning on this topic.

Community Resources: Alberta and Beyond

This section includes community sources for learner support, guest speakers, etc.

Resources for the Classroom -2SLGBTQ+ Newcomers Program

This section includes resources (lesson plans, curriculum, readings, videos, podcasts, etc.) to use in class.