Financial Literacy Teaching Resources

Teaching and Classroom Materials

Financial ESL Literacy Toolkit

he Financial ESL Literacy Toolkit supports ESL literacy practitioners in the delivery of financial literacy and numeracy instruction.

The toolkit contains contains:

  • Guiding principles for financial literacy and numeracy instruction in the ESL Literacy classroom
  • Information on assessing learner understanding and placement assessment tools
  • Themed units that include a rationale, driving questions, suggested outcomes and vocabulary, complementary numeracy outcomes, sample lesson plans, and resources 

English for Financial Literacy: Volumes 1 - 3

The content of the English for Financial Literacy resource was specifically guided by the principles of methodology and thematic content of the LINC 1–5 Curriculum Guidelines and the LINC 5–7 Curriculum Guidelines. The resource provides ideas for curriculum content and sample reproducible activities that: t are consistent with the Canadian Language Benchmarks 2012 t are relevant to the needs, goals and interests of newcomers to Ontario t integrate the instruction of financial literacy concepts and skills with the English language instruction at CLB levels 1 to 8 t address numeracy skills pertinent to the specific financial literacy topics

Canadian Currency Skill- Building Resource

A printable PDF collection of skill-building worksheets and activities for any themes or modules that include Canadian currency elements. Skills practiced in the activities are aligned with the Numeracy continuum in ESL for ALL.