Settlement & Integration Conference

2019 AAISA Conference

The 2019 AAISA Settlement & Integration Conference was held October 28 – 30, 2019 and brought together over 300 front line professionals and managers from settlement and integration agencies across Alberta. The conference provided settlement and integration professionals with an opportunity to build capacity, share new knowledge and expertise with peers while generating practice insights and strategies to better serve newcomers.

Post-Conference: Communities of Practice

A major goal of the 2019 Settlement and Integration Conference was to connect settlement professionals from across the province. However, AAISA’s aim is to extend the connection beyond the three days of the conference.

AAISA has co-developed a Communities of Practice through to take these collaborations to the next level. If you didn’t sign upWe urge you to sign up so you can engage in conversations during and after the event.

To sign up:
• Navigage to and click ‘Sign Up’
• Enter an email address and select a username to create an account; if you do not see an email from, please check your Junk Mail folder
• Once you’ve created your account look under the ‘Connect’ tab for ‘Groups’
• Find the ‘AAISA Settlement and Integration Conference 2019’ Group and click on it (or click here if you already have an account)
• From here, you’ll find each Conference session listed as a Discussion
• Click on the sessions you are planning on attending and you will see other participants from the session, or even the moderators, already part of that group!

Each discussion group will allow you to stay connected and extend important conversations past the session and past the three days of the Conference.

Our hope is this tool will lead to further collaboration, coordination and learning in our sector and put us all in a position to better serve the newcomers that we all serve.