Provincial Engagement Initiative (PEI)


The Provincial Engagement Initiative (PEI) is the cornerstone of AAISA’s engagement. The PEI will convene newcomer serving agencies across Alberta around a shared vision for settlement and integration, and will work towards building an integrated collective voice for systems level issues.


The Provincial Engagement Initiative is composed of regional committees in Calgary, Edmonton, and Small Centres. Each committee will provide context to guide AAISA’s research, policy, and capacity building activities. Committee participants will work actively to build a provincial vision for newcomer settlement and integration as well as a unified, collective voice for the sector. A Francophone working group will serve as a platform for Francophone newcomer serving agencies from across Alberta to identify priorities in advance of committee meetings.


Participation in committees will be open to representatives from newcomer serving agencies located in the appropriate regional location. Each agency may have one staff representative participate each term. Agency representatives are required to express interest in participating in their regional committee annually, and by doing so will be involved for a one-year term.