Small Centre Engagement


AAISA’s Small Centre Engagement focuses on and accentuates small centre agencies’ unique challenges and experiences, through convening service providers to build collective capacity. This work supports agencies to overcome barriers in service delivery and to develop strategies targeting improved outcomes at a systems level.


  • chevron-small Strengthen understanding of the context of small centres across Alberta and the advantages and challenges faced by newcomers in each environment
  • chevron-small Identify emerging needs, gaps, and challenges agencies face in service delivery
  • chevron-small Highlight promising practices and support knowledge mobilization
  • chevron-small Foster collaboration across agencies provincially, regionally, and nationally
  • chevron-small Build opportunities for engagement on issue-based initiatives and strategies
  • chevron-small Develop tools and resources to support small centre agencies to build capacity and service delivery outcomes
  • chevron-small Amplify a collective voice among Alberta’s small centres