2022 to 2023 Call for Proposals: Ukrainian Settlement Support Grant


The Ukrainian Settlement Support Grant program contributes to Alberta’s overall mandate to help displaced Ukrainians seeking refuges in Albertan communities.  This program is a funding partnership between AAISA and the Government of Alberta.  This grant is designed to support Albertan agencies and communities to deliver projects and services that that enhance the well-being of displaced Ukrainian individuals and families, but do not duplicate existing programs and services. 

The objectives of this grant program are to: 

  • Displaced Ukrainians will be more connected to other Ukrainian evacuees, local communities, and online supports. 
  • Displaced Ukrainians will be knowledgeable of the communities, resources, and organizations working to support displaced Ukrainians. 
  • Displaced Ukrainians will be more skilled or have great opportunity to integrate and navigate in Albertan communities and workplaces. 
  • Displaced Ukrainians’ needs will be better supported within the first weeks in Alberta. 


Grant Details 

The total among of funding available to support displaced Ukrainian evacuees as part of this grant is $826,000 from the Government of Alberta.  With Ukrainian evacuees calling more than 70 locations throughout Alberta home, these funds are aimed to support service providers across the province address the expressed unmet needs.   

Funding occurs through two cycles – August 2022 and January 2023.  AAISA prioritizes funding proposals that align best with established unmet needs of displaced Ukrainians, that make the most collective impact, and that reflect final destinations of Ukrainians.  Funding distributed in the first cycle focused on supporting the infrastructure that meets the expressed needs of displaced Ukrainians, including communication and service pathways.  Funding distributed in the second cycle focuses on addressing community needs experienced by displaced Ukrainians, including community building and soft skills.   

Cycle Two: 2023 Call for Proposals 

Important Dates 

January 19, 2023, between 1-2:00 PM, MST – Applicants’ information call (optional) 

February 8, 2023, at 11:59 PM, MST – Deadline to submit applications 

March 1, 2023 to June 30th, 2023 – Project duration 


This program distributes grants of up to $30,000 to support community groups or organizations to undress the unmet needs of displaced Ukrainian evacuees that are not already addressed or duplicated by existing programs and services.   

Program duration 

These funds will support projects or programs that are short-term with an end date of June 30, 2023. 

Program goals, activities and outcomes 

This project is designed to complement Alberta’s existing settlement programming and services to better support displaced Ukrainians seeking refuge in Alberta.  The project has four funding streams: 

          1.Community capacity building and connection 

To be used to improve and expand community and connection between displaced Ukrainian evacuees and their community. 

         2.Communication and knowledge pathways 

 To be used to strengthen knowledge sharing and communication between services and community groups of existing services, policies and opportunities available for displaced Ukrainian evacuees. 2            

        3.Community and workplace integration 

To be used to increase the capacity for displaced Ukrainians to integrate into their community or workplace through activities like soft-skill building and job searching. 

        4.Initial arrival supports 

To be used to help newly arrived displaced Ukrainian evacuees integrate into their community, through activities like emergency transportation costs or initial food supports costs. 

Organizations must demonstrate how their proposal and project outcomes aligns with these funding streams, as well as how it falls outside of services and programs that already exist within Alberta’s settlement sector.  The following activities are examples of ineligible for funding as they are established services and activities already supported by Alberta’s settlement sector: 

  • Youth activities and summer camps 
  • Paying for accommodations like housing or hotels (Supported through Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and other avenues) 
  • Language programming and classes (Supported through Advanced Education and IRCC) 
  • Employment and training programming (Supported through GOA and IRCC) 

These funds will support projects or programs along  increase connectivity and community building, deepen communication and knowledge pathways, and facilitate skill and knowledge development of displaced Ukrainians. 

Multiple applications 

Applicants can submit a maximum of two proposals.  Each proposal will be considered as a stand-alone submission.  Ensure all documents are included for each separate proposal.   


To apply for this grant, applicants and proposals must meet these guidelines. 

Eligible Applicants 

Applications will only be accepted from Albertan organizations that support displaced Ukrainian evacuees that are: 

  • A registered not-for-profit* (and in good standing) organizations including non-governmental organizations, non profit organizations, and community groups 
  • Post-secondary institutions 

Applications will not be accepted if applicant: 

  • Aims to convert people to religious beliefs 
  • Are political parties 
  • Uses funds as scholarships and fellowships for academic studies 
  • Do not directly and clearly benefits displaced Ukrainian evacuees in Alberta 
  • Operates outside Alberta 


Eligible applications 

To be eligible, proposals must: 

  • Cover the period from March 1st, 2023 to June 30, 2023 
  • Be applicable under one of the four funding streams listed above 
  • Demonstrate outcomes to achieve one of the four funding streams listed above 
  • Submit the complete application package including: 
  • Filled application form 
  • Letter(s) of support (if applicable) and collaboration is noted 
  • Valid certificate of incorporation 
  • 2021 annual audited financial statements 
  • Detailed budget 
  • Proposed timelines 


Steps to Application 

Step 1: Read and review the funding guidelines
The funding guidelines listed on this page or the document  Ukrainian Settlement Support Grant to ensure eligibility and conditions of this grant. 

Step 2 (optional): Participate in the Applicants’ Information Call  

The Applicants’ Information Call is an opportunity to ask questions regarding the application process and seek clarification about the Application Guidelines. 

Meeting link: 

Join the meeting on your computer or mobile app 

Or call in (audio only) – +1 587 328 1099 Canada 

Phone Conference ID: 899 6874 8413 

Passcode: 123812 

Find your local number: https://aaisa-ca.zoom.us/u/kdAQ14ZrOL 

Step 3: Download application templates 

Step 4: Complete the application package 

Step 5: Submit the application 

  • Submit your completed application documents in one email to alam@aaisa.ca 
  • Title the subject line of your email as:
    [Organization Name]: CFP USS 2023 Cycle 2 Application 
  • If you have issues with submission, send notice to alam@aaisa.ca for troubleshooting. 

Steps After you Apply 

After you apply, your application will be processed in the following steps: 

Step 1: Initial screening 

All applications will be screened to ensure completion of package and if the applications meet the eligibility criteria outlined above. 

Step 2: Committee review 

A committee reviews and scores applications that pass the initial screening.  Scoring is based on an assessment criterion outlined through Innovation, Impact and Implementation. 


  • The extent to which the proposed work addresses challenges faced by displaced Ukrainian evacuees in Alberta in unique ways. 
  • The degree to which the proposed work relates to and collaborates with other services, communities and organizations to address challenges. 
  • The degree to address needs while in alignment to funding streams. 


  • The degree to which the proposed grant activities respond to the unmet needs across Alberta. 
  • The ability to extend the benefits and lessons learned to other stakeholders through communication and collaboration. 
  • The ability to address demonstrated needs or gaps based on issue intensity and complexity. 


  • The feasibility of service delivery design. 
  • The ability to deliver on outcomes through project partnership, monitoring and evaluation activities.  

The committee will award grants based on these application scores, most current provincial needs and priorities, and the overall available funding. 

Step 3: Applicant notification 

All applicants will be notified to share the results of their application by February 21st. 



Connect with the AAISA Ukrainian Initiative Team and the review committee: 

Email: alam@aaisa.ca