Ukrainian Settlement Support Grant – AAISA

2022 to 2023 Call for Proposals: Ukrainian Settlement Support Grant - CLOSED

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 *Applications for this grant are now closed.

The Ukrainian Housing Grant program contributes to Alberta’s mandate to support displaced Ukrainians seeking refuge in Albertan communities. This program is a funding partnership between AAISA, the Canadian Red Cross, and Ukrainian Canadian Congress. This grant is designed to support Albertan agencies and communities to deliver projects and services to address Ukrainians long-term or permanent housing needs. Long-term and permanent housing needs describes all housing supports accessed by arriving displaced Ukrainians that provides stable, housing solutions for 6-months or more.

The objectives of this grant program are to: 

  • Displaced Ukrainians will be more connected to other Ukrainian evacuees, local communities, and online supports. 
  • Displaced Ukrainians will be knowledgeable of the communities, resources, and organizations working to support displaced Ukrainians. 
  • Displaced Ukrainians will be more skilled or have great opportunity to integrate and navigate in Albertan communities and workplaces. 
  • Displaced Ukrainians’ needs will be better supported within the first weeks in Alberta. 


Grant Details 

The total among of funding available to support displaced Ukrainian evacuees as part of this grant is $826,000 from the Government of Alberta.  With Ukrainian evacuees calling more than 70 locations throughout Alberta home, these funds are aimed to support service providers across the province address the expressed unmet needs.   

Funding occurs through two cycles – August 2022 and January 2023.  AAISA prioritizes funding proposals that align best with established unmet needs of displaced Ukrainians, that make the most collective impact, and that reflect final destinations of Ukrainians.  Funding distributed in the first cycle focused on supporting the infrastructure that meets the expressed needs of displaced Ukrainians, including communication and service pathways.  Funding distributed in the second cycle focuses on addressing community needs experienced by displaced Ukrainians, including community building and soft skills.