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Alberta Elections 2015

On Tuesday, May 5th, Alberta will head to the polls. Elections are a crucial time for individuals and organizations to engage with the political process on social and economic issues. During this time, it can be difficult to find concise and useful information on where each party stands on the issues that matter. For this reason, AAISA has prepared 3 questions serve as a quick reference when engaging with political parties on their position with regards to settlement and integration policy.

Top 3 Questions to Ask Alberta Political Leaders:

1. Where does your party stand on the contribution of newcomers to support Alberta’s economy?
2. What specific strategies would your party implement to support the transition of newcomers into Alberta’s economy and communities?
3. What are your recommendations for creating a collaborative relationship between the provincial government and immigrant serving agencies?

For more information on how and where to vote, visit Elections Alberta.


Engaging Minds, Creating Sustainability Biennial Settlement Conference

AAISA is proud to announce that it will host the 8th Biennial Settlement Conference, Engaging Minds, Creating Sustainability- The Future of Settlement, from October 22 to 23rd in Edmonton, AB. AAISA is currently accepting proposals for concurrent sessions. AAISA welcomes proposals on the sub-themes of Community Services, Core Settlement Services, Employment and Career Planning, Knowledge Management and Technology and Management and Leadership until May 13th, 2015.

To submit, send your proposal to contact@aaisa.ca. Registration for AAISA members will open soon. For more information, updates and conference registration please visit aaisa.ca/events.To find out about our current training opportunities for Member, Non-Member, and Individuals, visit aaisa.ca/settlement-training. If you wish to register for any of our training, please email spta@aaisa.ca

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