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Nepna-cover-2w research report on refugee resettlement

Following one of the largest resettlements of refugees in Canadian history, AAISA has published a new report regarding the capacity of Alberta’s immigration sector to meet the current and future needs of refugees.

The study cataloged more than 1,400 programs and services in both urban and rural municipalities that serve the basic needs of refugees, such as language and employment.

The report, entitled Improving Refugee Resettlement in Alberta, finds the existing capacity of the province’s immigration sector is strong. It also reveals how immigrant-serving agencies can improve the refugee resettlement experience in Alberta.

Read the full report here.

Sector Compensation Project Report

The Alberta Immigrant Serving Sector Compensation Project Report provides AAISA members, funders, and other interested stakeholders, an updated review of the Sector Compensation Committee’s initiatives through the years 2007 to 2014.

The report highlights the positive progress made through the project’s research, to the advances made in achieving equivalent salaries for settlement and integration practitioners, in comparison to other human service professionals working in both government and other non-profit sectors.

Read the full report here.