On a community level, this section of the toolkit provides sources that seek to build stronger social narratives and discourse surrounding newcomers and their value and contribution to society. Moreover, through these resources, SPOs will be better prepared to dispel common myths and xenophobic rhetoric about newcomers, and contribute to building welcoming, inclusive communities that celebrate diversity.

Video: 7 Videos Guaranteed to Change the Way You See Refugees

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) put together a collection of 7 videos by different non-profit organizations, as a powerful tool to help people understand the situation and precarious conditions that refugees face across the world, and to re-frame it in a familiar context. This tool also seeks to that seek to alter perceptions and build increased empathy and understanding from receiving communities.

Video: Awareness Campaign on International Farm Workers

The Canadian Horticultural Council created this video on the importance of international workers for the Canadian economy and more specifically for fruit and vegetable production. The video highlights that international workers fill important gaps in the labour market, especially of jobs Canadians are generally unwilling or unable to take on.

Video Series: Canada Immigration Explained: Answers to 9 Common Questions

A series of videos from the Canadian Broadcasting Company that explain some basic elements of Canada’s immigration system and debunks some common myths about newcomers, while also sharing the immense contributions newcomers make to the Canadian economy and broader society.

Toolkit: Did you know…? Facts about Refugees and Refugee Claimants in Canada

This resource was developed by the Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR). This tool is a collection of sources that targets a variety of facts about refugees in Canada, on topics such as social assistance, crime and security, waiting times for refugees, etc.

PDF File: Five Myths About Immigrants

Through facts and narrative experience directly from newcomers, this resource busts some commonly held economic misconceptions about newcomers to Canada.

Academic Article: Media Coverage on Migration: Promoting a Balanced Reporting

This article discusses attitudes and perceptions of international immigration and puts forward five suggestions to support a more balanced media representation of migration that better prevents stereotypes and negative rhetoric.

Infographic: Refugees: Myths…Busted! Choosing Facts over Fear

This infographic from the Canadian Council for Refugees dispels commonly perpetuated myths about refugees settling in Canada.