The organization level of this section examines how an organization can build Public Awareness through stronger public relations presence through the mobilization of social media, increased external communication, and better media relations. Furthermore, through these tools, organizations will be equipped to internally build stronger public awareness of their work, the value of newcomers within the community, and avenues of action in situations of negative publicity

Toolkit: Going Social on Refugee Rights Day

This toolkit provides strategies on how organizations can employ social media as a tool to raise awareness, understanding, and positive discourse about refugees in Canadian society on Refugee Rights Day, and throughout the year.

Website: Media Relations for Nonprofits: A Primer, Reading List and Advice from the Pros

This resource offers concise media relation tops that are tailored specifically to non-profit agencies.

Toolkit: Nonprofit Media Relations 101: Resource Roundup

This resource provides a list of tools that address specific media relations problems that non-profits may face. Some examples include how to format news releases, how to hold press conferences, how to build relationships with the media, etc.

Toolkit: AMSSA Media Relations Resources Page

AMSSA has provided a list of media relations resources that are applicable to settlement agencies. They are organized into sections that are relevant in an international, national and provincial level.

Website: 10 Free and Discount Nonprofit Marketing Tools

A list of links to marketing and IT resources that are either free or discounted to non-profits.

Infographic: 10 PR Strategies for Your Nonprofit

Classy, an online and mobile fundraising platform, created an infographic that highlights 10 actions non-profits can take to strengthen their PR initiatives and insert themselves into the media.

Tool: Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social management platform that is useful for managing multiple social media platforms, as well as measuring impact of your posts. The free plan includes 3 social profiles, 2 RSS feed integrations, $100 of Boost ad spend, and an online help centre.

Toolkit: Building Public Awareness

Created by the City of Red Deer, this toolkit outlines ways in which an organization can build public awareness. Though the toolkit was made for not-for-profit groups based in Red Deer, there is a wealth of information included that will be applicable for others.

Toolkit: Alberta Nonprofit Election Toolkit

Created by the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations, this toolkit has been made to provide non-profit organizations with the resources, tools, and information to help them engage in policy advocacy in the 2019 provincial election.