Access to Services: Housing provides information on housing regulations in Alberta and provides tips to support newcomer clients in making informed decisions regarding living situations. This information is based on the Residential Tenancies Act, and highlights affordable housing programs, landlord/tenant relationships and the rules and responsibilities for both parties, and additional resources that SPOs can utilize when researching information on housing in Alberta

Housing Info Sheets provide components of the Housing report that have been separated out to support saving time when navigating service access and supports related to housing.

Explore the resources below for more information!

Access to newcomer – Housing
Housing Info Sheet – Tenancy Agreement
Housing Info Sheet – The Residential Tenancies Act
Housing Info Sheet – What Can a Landlord Ask
Housing Info Sheet – Security Deposits
Housing Info Sheet – Inspections
Housing Info Sheet – Alberta Affordable Housing Program
Housing Info Sheet – Repairs
Housing Info Sheet – Evictions
Housing Info Sheet – Disputes with the Landlord