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Digital Transformation of Employment Training

Digital Transformation of Employment Training

Funded by the Future Skills Centre, the¬†Digital Transformation of Employment Programming will take existing employment training programs from newcomer serving agencies throughout Alberta and transform them into e-learning course content. This work aligns with AAISA’s mandate and history to support newcomers to Alberta by increasing the capacity of AAISA’s newcomer serving member agencies.

The key activities for this project include meeting with member agencies to identify in-person employment related programming that can be transformed into an online e-learning course. This transformation and migration will enable programming to be safely accessed by newcomers online to support them to gain stable, professional employment.

Such programming is especially necessary in the wake of COVID19 as both gathering restrictions and physical distance limit the ability and efficacy of the classroom learning environment. This project overcomes those gaps immediately by providing remote and virtual courses that will train newcomers to meet Alberta’s labour market needs.

More detailed information on the project and process can be found in the following document. Please review it and contact Kevin Thome at for more information and to initiate collaboration. We look forward to hearing from you!

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