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AAISA Research Publications: Final Reports, Bulletins & Briefs

Name Abstract Author(s) Date
2018 National LIP Learning Event Report Building on the success of three events for Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) in the prairies and northern territories region, the 2018 National LIP Learning Event gathered LIP staff and municipal representatives from British Columbia, Yukon, Alberta, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and PEI. For two days, these delegates attended plenary presentations and workshops dedicated entirely to strengthening the work of LIPs in our communities and as a collective Canadian endeavor. Calgary Local Immigration  Partnership (CLIP) and the Bow  Valley Immigration Partnership    (BVIP) December 2018
Alberta Settlement and Integration Sector Survey Report This report examines the priorities, systems-level issues and areas of improvement in settlement and integration, and further identifies any current systems-level issues that are affecting service provider organizations (SPOs), and highlights areas of improvement for the next fiscal year. AAISA Aug 2018
AAISA’s AGM Report 2017-2018 Read about AAISA’s accomplishments during the 2017-2018 fiscal year. AAISA July 2018
2017 Integration Summit Report AAISA convened a three-day summit from October 30- November 1, 2017 to facilitate communication between funders, members, and stakeholders in the settlement sector. The Summit included a mix of plenary presentations and breakout sessions on key settlement themes, and roundtable discussion on sector gaps, challenges and priority actions. AAISA March 2018
Sommet de l’Alberta sur l’intégration 2017 rapport AAISA a organise in sommet de triose jours du 30 octobre au 1 er novembre 2017 pour faciliter la communication entre les bailleurs de fonds, les membres et les intervenants. Les discussion ont porté sur les tendances actuelles, les réussites, les lacunes et les défis dans le secteur et one également mis en lumière les pratiques prometteuses parmi les fournisseurs de services et les organismes communautaires. AAISA Mars 2018
Policy Briefing: Changes to the Citizenship Act and Implications for SPOs in Alberta  In 2017, the Canadian Federal Government passed Bill C-6 to implement changes to the Citizenship Act, modifying the requirements for citizenship. The following policy brief discusses key changes made, and explores possible areas of impact regarding the work of Service Provider Organizations in Alberta. Casey Tran, AAISA Research and Policy Intern February 2018
Policy Briefing: Evaluation of the Fair and Family-Friendly Workplace Act This report explores Alberta’s new Employment Standards Code that came into effect Jan. 1, 2018. This brief provides an overview of the additions and changes to workplace legislation in the province that are most relevant to the integration and resettlement sector.  This document also highlights resources available for organizations to comply with new laws. Amanda LeBlanc, AAISA Research and Policy Intern January 2018
Resettling in the Canadian Prairies: A Survey of Syrian Refugees in Canada’s Prairies The purpose of this study is to collect baseline information on the housing needs, language
training experiences, job search experiences, and the use of settlement services of the newly
arriving Syrian refugees in the three Prairie Provinces. This information is useful for the
settlement provider organizations and to policy analysts to evaluate the country’s response to
the Syrian crisis and the arrival of a large number of refugees in such a short period of time. This
study also provides valuable information to better prepare for the arrival of future refugees.
Lori Wilkinson, Joe Garcea, Pallabi Bhattacharyya, Abdul-Bari Abdul-Karim and Annette Riziki, IRCC Integration Branch – Prairies & Northern
Territories, AAISA
June 2017
Policy Briefing: Evaluation of the SOGIE Refugee Claim and Hearing Process This policy brief explores the current state of sexual minority or Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) refugee claimants in Canada and Alberta, the modern issues faced by the social group, and analyzes whether the IRB guidelines introduced in May 2017 are sufficient to correct the issues existing within the current claim process. Noel Bahliby, AAISA Research and Policy Intern July 2017
Alberta Syrian Refugee Resettlement Experience Study Six-month study on the resettlement experiences of 100 Syrian refugees arriving in Alberta during 2015 and 2016, from five cities: Calgary, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, Red Deer and Lethbridge. The study explored the needs, barriers and experiences of Syrian refugees in three areas: employment, language and social connections, to inform client-centered programming. AAISA in collaboration with HABITUS Consulting Collective, and Dr. Julie Drolet, University of Calgary July 2017
Policy Briefing: New Restrictions to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program This report explores the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), its intended goals, recent history, and reforms in the Albertan context. Highlighted are the criticisms that the program has received over the years, in addition to allegations of exploitation of the program and its participants. Ivana Skendrovic, AAISA Research and Policy Intern June 2017
Accessing Mental Health Services for Newcomers in Alberta Environmental Scan This Environmental Scan assesses the diversity of mental health resources, programs, and services available to newcomers in Alberta, and offers a breakdown of accessibility. The project involves a comprehensive literature review, scan of service providers and services, and 28 in-depth interviews and surveys with immigrants, refugees, and service providers. AAISA in collaboration with MMK Consulting April 2017
Policy Briefing: Federal Budget 2017 Canada’s 2017 Federal Budget, entitled “Building a Strong Middle Class” was tabled in the House of Commons by the Honourable William Francis Morneau, P.C., M.P. Minister of Finance on March 22, 2017. The budget outlines various changes that support increased recognition of foreign credentials, plans to attract global talent, programs to facilitate the entry of foreign workers to Canada, streamlined immigration processes, and initiatives for asylum seekers. AAISA March 2017
Policy Briefing: Alberta Budget 2017 On March 16, 2017, the Government of Alberta released its budget for the 2017 – 2018 period. Although direct focus on immigrants and refugees is largely outside of provincial purview, there is much in this budget that will effectively contribute to the wellbeing of this population and the opportunities available to them in this province. AAISA March 2017
Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program Environmental Scan AAISA undertook an environmental scan to examine the impact of federal policy changes on the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) and the flow of nominees to the Alberta labour market and communities. The environmental scan examines the current and future factors that have and may continue to influence the program’s development and use. AAISA January 2017
Alberta Settlement and Integration Two-Day Participatory Event Report AAISA convened a two-day participatory consultation from June 27-28, 2016. This report discusses key learnings from the consultation, which fostered meaningful discussion around the current priorities for Syrian refugee resettlement and integration in Alberta. AAISA December 2016
Express Entry and International Students This paper explores international student pathways to permanent residency through the economic immigration system known as Express Entry. Joe Crowther, AAISA Research and Policy Intern November 2016
Alberta Immigrant Serving Sector Compensation Project Report This report highlights the positive progress made through the project’s research, to the advances made in achieving equivalent salaries for settlement and integration practitioners, in comparison to other human service professionals working in both government and other non-profit sectors. AAISA October 2016
Provincial Needs Assessment: Improving Refugee Resettlement in Alberta Funded by the Government of Alberta, this needs assessment examines the current and future resettlement needs of refugees, the programs and services that support their success, and existing organizational and provincial capacity to do so, in order to better understand resettlement. The assessment includes recommendations that will enable organizations to support refugees as they successfully settle and integrate into communities across Alberta. AAISA October 2016
The Geography of Immigrant (Dis)advantage: Future Strategies and Coalition Building for the Settlement Sector, Housing Agencies, and Policymakers This paper will link the theoretical concepts of the ethnic enclaves and ghetto with newcomers’ experiences in Canadian neighbourhoods, particularly in Alberta, in order to map future housing strategies for the settlement and integration sector, housing agencies and policymakers. Kylee van der Poorten, AAISA Research and Policy Intern October 2016
Interim Federal Health Program Policy Briefing This policy briefing examines the changes made to the Interim Federal Health Program, as well as their impacts on Alberta’s settlement and integration sector. Taylor Shephard, AAISA Research and Policy Intern August 2016
Economic Wellbeing Workshop Report This report outlines evidence collected and lessons learned through sessional workshops to build a case for the impact of employment programming on newcomers, and recommended next steps for practitioners. AAISA June, 2016
AAISA Annual Report 2016 Read about AAISA’s accomplishments during the 2015-2016 fiscal year. AAISA June, 2016
8th Biennial Settlement Conference Report This report highlights AAISA’s signature multi-stakeholder conference held in October of 2015. This year AAISA addressed an evolving environment by hosting the 8th Biennial Settlement Conference in Edmonton Alberta where the theme of Engaging Minds, Creating Sustainability: The Future of Settlement was explored. AAISA March, 2016
Immigrant and Refugee Housing Program This proposal outlines the major considerations of a long-term positive integration strategy that would involve the adoption of a government subsidized detached accessory dwelling unit building program to provide housing for newcomers. Ashley Salvador, Guest Writer February, 2016
HREMF Reducing Racism and Discrimination Barriers for Newcomers From July 2014 to January 2016, AAISA conducted the Reducing Racism and Discrimination Barriers for Newcomers Project, funded by the Human Rights Education and Multiculturalism Fund (HREMF). Through interviews, focus groups and an environmental scan, AAISA gathered resources, tools and information to support professionals working with newcomers to address race-related barriers. To house these resources and create a platform to share best practices, AAISA developed an online Learning Community at AAISA also delivered training on human rights, multiculturalism and anti-racism, in-person and through the Learning Community. To find out more about the rationale, methodology, results and future of the project, read the Project Brief. Deniz Erkmen, AAISA Research Officer January, 2016


Refugee Continuum of Care in Alberta

Name Abstract Author(s) Date
Map of Services in Edmonton The following map outlines the key phases for refugee* movement and resettlement in the municipal continuum of care. For detailed program and service listings at each agency, organization or institution please consult the websites linked. AAISA 2016
Map of Services in Red Deer The following map outlines the key phases for refugee* movement and resettlement in the municipal continuum of care. For detailed program and service listings at each agency, organization or institution please consult the websites linked. AAISA 2016
Map of Services in Calgary The following map outlines the key phases for refugee* movement and resettlement in the municipal continuum of care. For detailed program and service listings at each agency, organization or institution please consult the websites linked. AAISA 2016
Map of Services in Lethbridge The following map outlines the key phases for refugee* movement and resettlement in the municipal continuum of care. For detailed program and service listings at each agency, organization or institution please consult the websites linked. AAISA 2016
Map of Services in Medicine Hat The following map outlines the key phases for refugee* movement and resettlement in the municipal continuum of care. For detailed program and service listings at each agency, organization or institution please consult the websites linked. AAISA 2016


Immigrant Sector Council of Calgary (ISCC)

Name Abstract Author(s) Date
Fostering Housing Security for Calgary’s Newcomers This Learning Notes explores the affordable housing crisis in Calgary, why new immigrants are disproportionately affected by a lack of affordable housing, and what underlying barriers prevent equitable access to housing among new immigrants. ISCC: a project of AAISA July 2015
Where Settlement Lives: An Exploration of Housing Challenges for Newcomers in Calgary The intent of the research was to explore immigrants’ lived experience settling in the existing housing environment in Calgary. The intention was that this investigation could help to identify opportunities to better work together collaboratively, and priorities for systems and policy changes that support
settlement and integration through improved access to housing.
ISCC: a project of AAISA July 2015
Better Employment Outcomes for Immigrants in Calgary: Research Summary In 2014, ISCC received funding from the Government of Alberta to identify areas of need,
strengths, and capacity in services for immigrants’ labour market integration in Calgary. Specifically, the purpose of the project was to understand: what services currently exist in Calgary that strive to help immigrants achieve labour market integration, what are the needs for service provision particularly with consideration of the changing immigrant demographics, labour market contexts, and policies in Calgary, and what collaborative efforts towards labour market integration can lead to better labour market integration for newcomers.
ISCC: a project of AAISA 2015
Blueprint for Calgary’s Settlement Service System Blueprint for Calgary’s Settlement Service System explores opportunities to both systematically strengthen settlement services in Calgary, and increase coordination and collaboration between services to effectively respond to the changing needs of newcomers. The report includes a model which illustrates each service stream (core settlement, employment, language, and community connections), and maps the types of services offered to newcomers within each, as well as the diverse delivery methods used for each type of service. ISCC: a project of AAISA 2015
Labour Market Integration Project The purpose of this report is to present findings drawing from a document analysis, literature review, policy analysis, program inventory, interviews and consultations with immigrant and other labour market sectors in Calgary to improve collaboration in Calgary for better employment outcomes for immigrants. Produced for ISCC, a project of AAISA 2015
Employment Programs Inventory: Programs for Immigrants & Employers The program inventory contains the following sections: English language programs, networking/mentorship programs, job search/interview/resume writing programs, training programs, bridging programs, and programs for employers. ISCC: a project of AAISA 2015
Strategic Actions for Change: Working with Children and Youth of Immigrant Families The report focuses on four areas: strengthening cultural competencies of service-providers that work with children and youth of immigrant families; improving accessibility, alignment, and coordination of services; conducting, accessing, and promoting research to inform policies and
practices; and strengthening relationships with education systems to enhance the development of children and youth.
ISCC: a project of AAISA 2015