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In March 2017, AAISA developed the Anti-Racism and Anti-Islamophobia in Alberta’s Settlement Sector project, with the objective of building welcoming and inclusive communities through research and collaborative learning. The project aims to enhance the capacity of settlement practitioners, professionals, and community members who work with immigrants and refugees to advocate for anti-racism and anti-Islamophobia in their practice.

Our hope is that the resources we have developed will help guide you during difficult decision-making, influence how you interact with clients and colleagues, shape your programs and services, to ultimately create safe and welcoming spaces.

Community Development Practice includes several components: interviews, an Environmental Scan, Practice Guide, and Resource List.

What you will find in the Practice Guide:

  • Understand the complexity of the problem and how to approach it
  • Key principles to guide thinking and decision-making
  • Case examples of how anti-racism and anti-Islamophobia work can be carried out
  • Strategies to apply practice, including activity sheets
  • Tools and Resources

Learn more about the project here.

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