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Visions, Mission and Core Values


Facilitate collaboration and leadership within the settlement serving sector.



An inclusive welcoming and engaged society.


Values & Guiding Principles

Integrity: AAISA will approach its work with integrity. It will be professional in its approach, ensure education and continued learning are part of its initiatives, set and follow standards, and be respectful in all its interactions.

Collaborative: AAISA will follow a collaborative model. It will ensure inclusivity and offer a unified voice for the sector.

Proactivity: AAISA will be proactive in all undertakings. It will take initiative and have influence in the areas of policy and advocacy, and will aim to have impact in its work.

Accountability: AAISA will ensure that it is accountable. Its responsibility to its members, funders, and the larger settlement sector will be the forefront in what it does.

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