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By Content Contributor: Juhhie Mendiratta

Educate Yourself

Resettlement is a difficult and time-consuming process for both newcomers and those involved in the resettlement process. One of the best ways to help newcomers or refugees settle in Canada is to educate yourself, friends, and family about the immigration, resettlement and integration process in Canada.

Learn more about educating yourself and others here.


Volunteering not only benefits the organizations that assist newcomers, but also helps refugees and immigrants to apply their skills and gain Canadian work experience.

Volunteers at newcomer serving organizations play a vital role in helping families and individuals settle into their new communities. They provide programs and services including: childcare, translation services, filing documentation, booking appointments and community events.

Individuals with specialized skills can volunteer their skills and experience to support newcomers. Chartered Professional Accountants for example can volunteer for tax clinics, or the CPA Financial Literacy Program, which helps Canadians improve their financial knowledge and make the best possible financial decisions.

You can also volunteer your time as an employment mentor, or for informational interviews – a way for newcomers to network, and gain insight into the Canadian workplace culture and opportunities. Volunteering your time and skills in this way helps open the door to opportunities for newcomers, such as internships, summer jobs, part-time work, or paid work.

Contact your local immigrant serving agency to explore volunteer opportunities.

Refugee Sponsorship

Canada is the only country in the world that has a private refugee sponsorship program (Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program) where the community is directly involved in the resettlement of refugees. Fundraising is done by faith communities, ethnic groups, families, and other benevolent associations. These groups fundraise or use their personal income to support the sponsored individual or family for one year in Canada.

You can sponsor refugees through: Groups of Five, Community Sponsorship and Sponsorship Agreement Holders.

Support Advocates

As an individual in the community, you can get involved with organizations that advocate for the rights of immigrants and refugees. Organizations such as Amnesty International have more than 7 million members in 150 countries who are fighting for the protection of human rights. The Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR) is a national non-profit umbrella organization committed to the rights and protection of refugees and other vulnerable persons.

Click here for more information on Amnesty International and the Canadian Council for Refugees.

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