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As part of our role in representing, supporting, and advocating for the settlement and integration sector in Alberta, AAISA sent questionnaires to the candidates of the Alberta Liberal Party, Alberta New Democratic Party (NDP), Alberta Party, Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta, Green Party of Alberta, and the United Conservative Party (UCP) in advance of the 2019 Alberta Provincial Election. We believe that the provincial government should play a crucial role in addressing the many barriers that newcomers face in our province, and that their answers to these questions will help inform you and support any collaborations you may wish to pursue with these parties moving forward.

The questions we asked were as follows:

  1. Immigration in the province is projected to continue well above its long-term historical trend with newcomers to the province expected to account for 66% of Alberta’s overall population growth (Government of Alberta).  What will your government do to ensure the rising number of newcomers will have the supports they require to settle and integrate effectively in order for them to become contributing members to Albertan society?
  2. Immigration is becoming an increasingly controversial topic within the province and a rising source of conflict among Albertans. How will your government address the growing polarity, and extreme views and actions within the province?
  3. The composition of Alberta’s newcomers continues to be varied, and is comprised of growing numbers of refugees, refugee claimants, temporary foreign workers, international students, visitors, and undocumented newcomers. What will the priorities of your government be both in the composition of newcomers to the province and in the provision of supports for those groups?

Responses to the questions can be found below:

Alberta New Democratic Party (NDP)

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