2D Settlement and Transition Processes – May 2017 – Edmonton

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Module Overview

  • Participants will become familiar with various concepts related to acculturation, settlement, acculturative stress (culture shock), post-traumatic stress, and the role of settlement agencies in Alberta related to settlement and adjustment.
  • Participants become familiar with challenges that occur during settlement and identify response to address these challenges.
  • Participants will learn about challenges and strategies to provide ongoing follow-up support in settlement and transition programs.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will develop an understanding of:

  • Definitions, principles, and standards for settlement
  • Concepts related to transition/migration/adaptation and the modes of acculturation
  • Factors that contribute to successful transition
  • Strategies for supporting clients in the transition process
  • Strategies and resources related to organizational and systemic processes
  • The role of a Settlement Practitioner related to accountability, professionalism, and work ethic


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