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By Content Contributor: Juhhie Mendiratta

Canada resettles refugees to save lives and provide stability to individuals fleeing persecution and oppression. Here are five stories about refugees who have fled their home countries and are now successfully building their new lives in Canada.

Tarek Nemr’s Story

Tarek Nemr successfully arrived in Canada in April 2017 after fleeing the violence and bloodshed in Syria. Previously, he was living as an asylum seeker in Jordan. The Calgary Centre for Global Community raised $12,500 and found accommodation for him to resettle in Calgary. Nemr is excited to be in Canada and his main priority is to find work and start his new life here

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The Alrajab Family’s Story

A Syrian family with disabled children were welcomed to Saint John, New Brunswick. Three of their five children were diagnosed with a neuromuscular disorder called leukodystrophy that causes atrophy in the muscles and nerves.

“For a disabled child, resettlement is particularly critical as it opens up opportunities for education, medical and psychological support, and often, a more conducive non-discriminatory environment in which to grow and flourish,” says Michael Casasola, UNHCR Senior Resettlement Officer.

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The Hadhad Family’s Story

In 2012 the Hadhad family ended up as refugees in Lebanon, and four years later Isam, his wife, Shahnaz, and their four children were among the 40,000 Syrian refugees resettled in Canada under the Welcome Refugees initiative.

Weeks after settling in Antigonish, the family relaunched their chocolate business, eventually christening it “Peace by Chocolate.” The Hadhads donated their profits made during the month of May last year to those affected by the Fort McMurray wildfires.

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Safwan’s Story

Safwan, his wife and three children were accepted by the Government of Canada in January 2016 as government-assisted refugees in Toronto. COSTI Immigrant Services, funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, helped Safwan and his family find housing and resettlement services in Canada. He started working at Adonis Supermarket and is expecting to open his own business soon.

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Ibrahim Haltl Dudu’s Story

Ibrahim Haltl Dudu arrived in Toronto in September 2016 and did not speak English. However, when the zipper of a bride’s dress broke on her wedding day, and with the help of Google Translate and a positive attitude, Dudu saved the day! Jo, the bride, was sewn into her dress, the zipper was done up and she was ready to go for her big day.

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